The safest and most stimulating foliar potassiumnutrition for crops.


AGROPOTASIÓN® has been developed to regulate water movement and nutrient distribution from leaves to the fruits and the rest of the plant. In the fruit sizing stage, it improves the final size, and increases precocity and sugar content. Its fast and noticeable efficiency is the result of its potassium content, together with low-molecular-weight organic acids and the contents
of the AMEC® molecule.


• Encourage water intake and increase final fruit size.
• Improve fruit firmness and sugar content.
• Reduce excessive plant perspiration.
• Reduce phytotoxicity, which is susceptible to damaging plants when mixed with chemicals, such as mineral oils.


BOROCAL-NEW® is a product designed for foliar application on all crops. Apply 2-3 l/1000l/hectare every 7-12 days from pre-flowering to complete fruit formation. Apply the same dose to prevent transplant stress.